Grow YouTube Channel

How Social Media Can Help You Promote Your YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel can make you rich. Some creators make millions of dollars every year on YouTube.
Most of these YouTubers accumulated hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Some of these influencers launched channels that grew to over 1 million subscribers. 

You don't need millions of subscribers to make a full-time income on the platform. However, getting additional subscribers will help your chances. If you want to learn how to grow on YouTube, you're in luck. We will cover YouTube marketing strategies that revolve around social media. 


Promote Each Video

Each time you publish a new video, share it on your social media accounts. Getting an extra boost will improve your video's performance. 

You don't need fancy copywriting to promote each video. You can copy and paste the video's title and link. This approach makes it easier to share each new video with your audience.

As you create more videos, you will create evergreen content. This content stays relevant for years instead of days. 
Schedule social media posts to promote the evergreen videos for residual traffic. You can continue sharing the videos you published years ago. Some people will see it for the first time and learn from the content.


Promote Video Clips

Promoting each video is an excellent YouTube marketing strategy. Promoting video clips gets you more mileage out of the same content. Some YouTubers look for one-minute video clips to promote on social media. The call-to-action encourages followers to watch the rest of the video on YouTube.

Short video clips give people a sneak peek of your video. Viewers will readily give you a minute of their time to watch a clip. They may then decide to watch the rest of your video.

Using relevant social media hashtags will help your posts spread beyond your audience. You can grow on one platform and direct new followers to your YouTube channel.


Post Different Types of Content

Sprinkling other content into your social media strategy allows videos to stand out. If you only post videos, they will blend in with your other video posts. Share motivational quotes and images to mix up your social media strategy. This initiative will help you grow on other social media platforms.

Each YouTube promotion will gain more traction since more followers see each post. Posting different types of content gives you more opportunities to post. Some YouTubers only post on social media when they publish a new video.

This common mistake makes you less active on social media. 

Increasing your social media activity causes followers to remember your content. Some will feel inspired to view your profile without any prompting.


Feature Your YouTube Channel Link in Your Bio

People visit your social media bio to learn about what you do. Featuring your YouTube channel in your bio helps followers discover your channel. Some people prefer linking to their websites.

If you want to prioritize YouTube promotion, save that spot for the YouTube channel link.
You can modify the YouTube channel link and enable auto-subscribe. This feature shows a pop-up encouraging the viewer to subscribe.

Even if someone does not subscribe right away, they may remember in the future.


Create a Video Series

A YouTube marketing strategy covers every part of the viewer's experience. The starting point revolves around YouTube promotion.
Once you get someone to watch your video, how can you make sure they come back for more. Posting valuable videos help, but many creators already publish great content.

Optimizing videos will boost your visibility, but you can also create a video series. A video series gives viewers a reason to watch more of your content. You can deliver incredible value in your first video. Then, mention you'll cover supplementary material in your next video.

Video game creators often create a series where they beat a certain game. If you enjoy their first video, you'll likely continue watching the series. As you create more videos within the series, reference prior videos. Talk about what you covered or share highlights from previous videos. 

Once someone watches your videos, invite them to binge through your content. Video series help to encourage binge-watching.


Reach Out to Collaborators

Social media is a great resource to make connections. Some social networks provide easier access to YouTube creators.
You can engage with these YouTubers and reach out about collaboration in the future.

Get your first collaboration with a similar YouTube channel. Established YouTubers almost never collaborate with new YouTubers. 
Each collaboration puts you in front of a new audience.

Social media can help you find and talk with collaborators. Conducting a few collaborations each year can rapidly accelerate your YouTube channel's growth.


Engage With Other People's Content

After posting for yourself, engage with other people's content. Few people take the time to leave thoughtful comments on other people's content. However, thoughtful comments can help you gain traction.

This traction will yield new social media followers. If you include your YouTube channel link in your bio, new followers will click the link and subscribe.


YouTube Marketing Across Social Networks

Growth on any social media platform translates into YouTube channel growth. New followers will head over to your channel. Each of your YouTube promotion posts will perform better and attract new followers. The growth cycle will continue if you put out new content and listen to your audience. 

Posting on social media can get annoying. It isn't easy to stay in front of your audience that often. You may want to delegate the social media posts. If you want to save time, let us create your social media posts for you. Review our packages to discover how we can help.