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5 Tips to Boost Your TikTok Video Views and Grow Your Account

No matter what platform you’re on, you want to be able to reach and connect with as many people as possible, especially if you want to grow your brand and increase revenue. If you’re hoping to skyrocket your TikTok video views, then it’s time to step up your game with these five tips that will help boost your TikTok video views and grow your account faster than ever before! 

1) Create quality engaging content

By posting high-quality content consistently, you can naturally gain followers over time. To help get your videos in front of more people as quickly as possible, I recommend doing a daily search for hashtags related to your niche or industry. For example, if you’re interested in blogging about fashion and beauty, search #fashion or #beauty on any given day.

After you’ve created your video, ask questions that encourage people to comment. The more comments on your videos, the more likely it is for it to appear in viewer’s feeds. To make sure people actually see your comments though, make sure you respond quickly when someone responds to your question or comment. You can also boost engagement by asking people what they think about other videos as well. For example, you could say I loved (That video about the dog...), but I want to know what YOU thought of it? This gives them a platform to share their own thoughts while building awareness around your video. Also be sure never to come off too salesy or self-promotional because nobody likes a spammer! 

2) Post multiple times a day

There are thousands of videos posted to TikTok every minute, so it can be hard for your videos to get noticed. Posting more often is one way to make sure you get seen. Make a schedule—and stick with it—to ensure that you’re posting at least twice a day. Post in prime time: Every social network has prime time, when engagement is highest. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube it's usually between 7-10am EST;

Since TikTok is primarily a music video app, videos tend to get more views on weekends and during prime time. Post your best content during those times.

This is huge. This means that if you post 50 posts in a month, you’ll be given VIP status by TikTok, allowing your videos to autoplay without sound. This is massive. More views=more followers=more growth. Plus, since people aren’t able to skip over your videos if they’re muted, you get more organic views from them too. 

3) Focus on video post engagement ratios

Growing your account on TikTok is just like growing any other social network. First, make sure you’re posting engaging videos that your followers will enjoy. Second, focus on post engagement ratios—the amount of views a video receives compared to how many likes or comments it has. If one of your videos gets 100 views with 50 likes and 0 comments, that’s not great engagement! This kind of low-engagement video will not attract more followers for you on TikTok. However, if you posted another video that received 500 views with 200 likes and 50 comments, now we’re talking! This means lots of people are seeing your content while also taking an active interest in what you’re doing.

In general, it’s best to focus on posting videos that receive at least 10% video post engagement ratio or higher. If you’re just starting out, try for around 5%. This is a good balance between making sure people see your content while also making sure your videos are good enough to get some likes and comments. Focus on getting post engagement ratios of 10%+, then worry about increasing your number of followers later!

Focus on getting 10% post ratios is a good way to go viral, get more followers, build your brand, and attract attention. You can always go back and post new videos if you don’t see results. However, those results won’t happen until you focus on 10%+ video post engagement ratios! 

4) Communicate with your followers

One of many ways you can gain more followers on your TikTok account is by communicating with people that are following you. This helps spread awareness about who you are and where your posts are coming from, which in turn will get more people interested in what it is that you’re sharing. Communication doesn’t have to be done only through words; emoji’s, pictures, videos, music, pretty much anything goes as long as it communicates a message.

Another way you can communicate with your followers is by replying to comments. Just like in real life, if someone asks you a question or makes a statement, it’s not a great idea to ignore them or pretend they don’t exist. 

5) Promote your TikTok video post

If you want your video post on TikTok to go viral, you’ll have to first get a lot of people watching it. This can be done by paying for paid promotion or creating a strong call-to-action that encourages viewers to interact with your post. Keep in mind that these strategies won’t guarantee results, so it's still important to develop your videos into content that is appealing enough for viewers who aren't being incentivized.

For example, on average, there are 4,500 new paid video views each day on TikTok in North America. A large portion of those views—over half—are earned organically by individual users who were searching for content they liked or through conversations with their followers. Only one-quarter come from promoted videos that brands or celebrities pay to get placed in front of users who already follow them. You can improve your own placement by keeping track of which types of posts do well when you promote them; then double down on what's working so you get more views in general.