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Buying Views??

Buying YouTube views and engagement can help you market your channel and attract more viewers in the future, but it might seem like an unethical strategy at first glance. However, when done correctly, buying YouTube views and engagement can actually be an effective marketing tool that’s right on par with organic views, likes, and shares. If you want to learn more about why buying views and engagement can be good for your channel, read on to find out how they help get your channel off the ground and make it grow over time.

What are views?

One of YouTube’s key metrics is total views. Your channel’s view count, of course, has meaning—but it’s not necessarily important to have as many views as possible in a short amount of time. With that said, it can be very useful to buy views during critical growth periods (i.e., when you launch a new channel or post) to help push your view count upward. This can increase visibility on search engines like Google and social networks like Facebook. Since these services are driven by engagement levels, they may pay more attention to channels with higher viewership than those with fewer viewers but more engagement.

Why you shouldn’t be ashamed to buy YouTube views

There are two types of creators on YouTube: those who buy views, and those who wish they did. With 1 billion hours of content uploaded to YouTube each day, you need as many eyes on your content as possible. Here’s why you shouldn’t be ashamed to buy views: it can help your channel grow organically . In fact, buying views should be viewed as a positive investment in both yourself and your business. You may have only 100 subscribers but if you buy views at $1 per 1000 then your reach will increase by 2%. This extra 2% is enough to make an impact on new viewers and get them interested in your videos. And when viewers like what they see, there’s a chance that they’ll subscribe or engage with you directly via comments or tags. Either way, these new subscribers or engagements can lead to organic growth over time!

The benefits of buying views

Having an impressive view count on your videos will help attract more viewers, which can drive growth in your organic views. Here are some additional reasons why you should consider buying views: 1) You’ll get a sense of credibility: When you post a video to your YouTube channel, it’s crucial that you gain a substantial amount of views as quickly as possible. Buying views is one way to speed up the process—and show new viewers that other people like what they see. 2) You’ll feel good about yourself: Even if views don’t directly correlate with social proof, there's no denying that having thousands or even millions of views feels great! For smaller-scale channels especially, once you buy views and engagement, you'll be able to check off one major milestone towards building your brand's reputation.

The dangers of buying views

Although it might seem like buying views would help you get a lot of people watching your video, it could actually do more harm than good. This isn’t just because buying views from non-organic sources can be really expensive. It’s also because fake viewers aren’t likely to come back and watch again—or even subscribe! These fake viewers are not only useless, but they actually detract from your overall engagement levels. All in all, be smart about your channel—if you want to buy views on YouTube or boost other social media campaigns, make sure they come from reputable sources.

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The health of your channel depends on it

A strong channel attracts more viewers, which can result in higher engagement with your videos, which ultimately leads to better rankings in search results. It’s a virtuous cycle that builds upon itself. Therefore, if you buy views for your videos to boost rankings and drive organic views over time, you are placing yourself at an advantage.  

In Conclusion

Before purchasing views on YouTube, it’s important to make sure you understand why you’re doing it in the first place. What are your goals? How will purchasing views help them? Do your research before making a purchase, and choose a reputable company that can deliver results. Remember, there are legal repercussions for buying fake views and engagement – so only buy them from a reputable company to stay safe!

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