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10 Things You Should Do When Starting A YouTube Channel

You’ve started your YouTube channel and posted your first video—now what?

Sure, you can keep creating videos and hope that one day you get noticed, but this isn’t a strategy that any of the YouTubers you look up to are likely using. You need to start promoting your YouTube channel with these 10 things you didn’t know about promotion.

Overview: 10 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel.

Did you know that 2.5 billion searches are performed every day? It should come as no surprise, then, that YouTube is currently among Google's most frequently visited websites. What if you could tap into that traffic? It all starts with a video promoting your YouTube channel, but what can you do to ensure that it reaches its audience and promotes your brand or product?

If you are going to have a YouTube channel then you might as well try and promote it as much as possible. It is something that can make your business grow if done correctly. Today we are going to be talking about 10 things that people normally don’t know about promoting their YouTube channel!

1) Research relevant and trending videos before creating 

Researching relevant and trending videos will give you ideas on what to create, while also ensuring that you’re creating content that actually has a chance of being successful. If your channel isn’t performing well, it may be because your content is falling flat or there isn’t an audience for it. That’s where researching comes in—you can see which videos are currently doing well and emulate them. Check out what popular channels are doing and come up with your own spin on it!

2) Make sure your video title and description is SEO friendly 

SEO is critical to YouTube success. Most people discover YouTube content through search engines, so it’s important that your video has a title and description that can entice viewers to watch. Keep in mind that your video title and description may show up on search engine results pages if viewers share your video on other social media platforms or embed it on their own site. As a general rule of thumb, make sure both elements are SEO friendly and filled with relevant keywords. After all, every word counts!

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3) Tell Your Friends & Family

The first and easiest way to promote your channel is to just tell your friends and family about it. This is a great way to start creating an engaged community around your content and you’ll also get some immediate promotion when they share it with their own friends. Remember, word of mouth marketing can be extremely powerful.

4) Share your video links on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

YouTube videos are a great way to get your channel in front of a wide audience. But YouTube isn’t as widely used as social media platforms like Instagram, which is why you might want to upload a video there too. The good news? When you post on YouTube and Instagram, all your content shows up on both networks. That means more viewers for your channel and more reach for your videos!

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5) Ask your followers on all your social accounts to share your content

Engage your followers on all your social media accounts. Ask them to share your content on their own channels, and offer giveaways and other incentives to do so. Encourage them to interact with you directly via email or social media so that they feel more connected to you, especially if they have a common interest. If a follower feels like they’re being heard by you, it can encourage further loyalty.

6) Pay for YouTube Video Ad Promotion

If you’re looking to promote your video and get more views, check out YouTube’s video ad platform. The platform has several targeting options and offers a 60% revenue share for certain types of ads. The catch is that you will have to pay for most of these promotions; however, it can be worth it depending on your product or service.

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7) Don't be afraid to change your title and description if your

not seeing results

Creators make all kinds of mistakes when promoting their content on social media. That’s why I’ve prepared 10 things that every creator should do to promote their channel and its videos, as well as 10 not-so-obvious tactics for promotion. Keep in mind that there is no single method or promotion tactic that works best; instead, it’s all about being consistent and not afraid to change your title and description if your not seeing results.

A recent study from TubeBuddy found that changing your video title may get your video higher in search results. The team at TubeBuddy collected a group of videos with titles that were relevant to their channel’s name and then changed some of those titles to something completely different (e.g., Ten Tips for Rowing became How Music Affects Athletic Performance). After one week, they noted that these titles performed better than those with more relevant ones.

8) Know your audience and what content they want. How Tos only get's you so far.

No matter what you upload, your audience wants to be entertained. They’re not looking for educational content (unless they have a specific interest in your industry), and they don’t want to learn how to do something—they want to be entertained by what you share with them. Be sure to know your audience and what content they want before uploading any videos.

9) Keep promoting your older videos

The truth is that making videos is the easy part of growing a channel. That’s because all you have to do to start building your audience on YouTube is upload some videos, and let the algorithm do the rest for you. The hard work comes after: once your video has been published, you need to put in the work to promote it and keep getting people to watch and subscribe.

Many people forget that it’s important to promote your videos even after they’ve launched, especially when you have a new video about to be released. Promote your old videos by sharing them on social media and contacting blogs/vloggers in your industry with a complimentary copy of your video (making sure to tell them it’s an old one).

10) Write a blog about your YouTube video

Google is a master of search, and it rewards sites with good content. For example, you can get a lot of organic traffic from Google search just by writing great blogs and creating high-quality videos that are easily found through search terms. Once your video gets found, views will follow.

If you plan on making videos for your YouTube channel, then you should also create a blog post about it. That way, you can spread some of your YouTube videos virally. You can write a blog post about topics that will promote your video or in-depth information about subjects that would be relevant to your video. Links from blog posts will likely send more traffic than shared links from Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

For example, if you’re creating videos about video games and gaming news, then you could write a post on The Best Gaming Desktop Computers or perhaps another on What is PC Gaming? Then, include a link in your post to one of your gaming videos. If someone finds that post while searching for those topics, they might view it and share it. Or, they might watch your video because they saw it in your blogging post. Also, remember to use keywords in your title, tags, and description; you want your content as easy as possible for people to find when they search on Google.

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