YouTube Shorts Video Views

YouTube Shorts Video Views
Targeted Views For YouTube Shorts Videos Under 60 Sec
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Amazingly Fast! This also helped get my video listed in user feeds on YouTube.

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If you're looking to get more views on YouTube Shorts with REAL targeted views from an audience of your choosing. This is a great service for you.

Our YouTube Shorts Targeted Views starts to work with in 24 hours. 

What can we target?

  • Location anywhere in the world down to the zip code
  • Language (Only show your video to a specific language)
  • Websites they have search for on Google or YouTube
  • Keywords
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income bracket
  • Videos they like to watch
  • Online Shopping behavior 

Your Video Ad Positions:

  • At top of youtube search results
  • In Recommended videos
  • At the bottom of other videos playing
  • Played before YouTube videos are watched

Why are these the best views to buy?

With targeted views we can find users on YouTube that have show interest in other content like yours. You have a much greater chance of increasing your video retention and engagement and conversions if your selling products or services.

Our team creates your ads with targeted countries, languages, keywords and audiences that have show interest in similar videos. 

Benefits of signing up to a subscription plan:

We can reuse your campaign structure for future videos. This means that your audience ads will get better over time. We will continue to adjust your audience targets so we are driving better views to your channel over time.

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NOTE: We can not promote:

- No Copyright
- No Adult
- No Abusive keyword [Example- f**k]
- No Naked Images
- No Gun/Drugs/Blood/Politics
- No Livestream videos or Premieres