our journey

24HourViews, founded in 2021, is a dynamic platform designed to address the challenges faced by content creators in driving traffic and views to their YouTube channels and videos.



New Dynamx was founded. As an Interspire – BigCommerce Partner, we started our journey in the world of e-commerce and website development.



We expanded New Dynamx to a team of over 15 dedicated professionals. During this period, we built over 1,000 e-commerce sites and over 200 WordPress sites. We specialized in customized software and website development on Interspire, Magento, and custom platforms, and offered e-commerce marketing services.



We began the development of the Sales and Orders platform with the New Dynamx team.



Sales and Orders was launched, coinciding with Google's introduction of Product Listing Ads (PLAs), now known as Shopping Ads. Our SaaS e-commerce marketing software platform integrated with major platforms like Google, Microsoft, Meta, Snap, Pinterest, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.



Sales and Orders grew rapidly, serving over 10,000 clients and customers, expanding our team to 50 people, and generating billions of dollars in Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV). Our efforts were recognized with multiple awards from Google (2017, 2018, 2019), Microsoft (2018), and Bigcommerce (2020).



We founded 24hourviews.com to help creators drive traffic and views to their YouTube channels and videos. We also started offering social media marketing services for retailers to drive traffic from YouTube and TikTok for their product catalog.



24hourviews.com has served over 20,000 clients and customers, received over 600 positive verified reviews, and worked with a diverse range of content creators and e-commerce retailers.

Throughout our journey, we've believed in the power of innovation, collaboration, and technology. But most importantly, we believe in people, as they are the driving force behind everything we do.