Music Promotion On TikTok

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You want to go viral on TikTok?

Our service will do the work for you. We promote your music and get it seen by the right people, boosting your visibility and fan base!

Get started or contact us today to see how we can help you go viral on TikTok. 

TikTok Engagement Service is one of a kind. Select the amount of View you want to receive on your video. As we drive real targeted viewers to your video, you will get real organic engagement.

Only Real Targeted Views:

  1. Country - We Promote To English Speaking Countries
  2. Audience - We Find The Best Engaging Audience

    Your campaigns will continue to run until you get the full amount of engagement purchased. This means real engagement and growth to boost your TikTok channel.

    What you can expect from this service. TikTok, Views, Likes, Follows, Shares and Comments on the video link purchased. Your videos will receive consistent, natural-growth on a daily basis until your views complete


    Need help getting your music approved on TikTok?

    Blog: Get Your Music Approved On TikTok


    You will need to allow ads to run on your post for us to create an engagement campaign. We do not need access to your account and will never ask. Please follow directions below and contact us with any questions.

    How To Send Us Your Link:

    Check if you allow Ads

    1. Go To Profile
    2. Click 3 line at the top right
    3. Go to "Creator Tools"
    4. Turn on "Ad Settings" at the bottom

    Allow Post Promotion

    1. Go To Your Video Post You Want To Promote

    2. Click The 3 Dots

    3. Scroll over and find: "AD SETTINGS" icon and click

    4. Select The Checkbox "Advertising Content Terms Of Service"

    5. Turn On Ad Authorization

    6. Agree to the terms( This is so we can run our engagement ads for your post)

    7. Click "Generate Code"

    8. Select 30 Days and Click Authorize

    9. Click "Copy Code" button and paste it into the form field above "Add To Cart" on this page.

     10. Do this step for each video you would like to promote(UP TO 4 VIDEOS FOR EACH ORDER)



    • Activation Time: 12-24 Hours After Ordering