Facebook Relevant Post Comments

Facebook Relevant Post Comments.
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  •  Starts within 24 hours.
  • All comments are content-related, written, and posted manually without any automation in English.  Also high quality accounts with a full profile history ensure the best SEO results for your niche!
  • Real Relevant Comments (Not random)
  • Comments are hand-written by our SEO experts specifically for each order and
  • Relevant to the content of your video/post or your niche
  • Available for any type of content: e.g. music, business, gameplay, sports...etc
  • 100% Safe for your Video or Channel - no risk whatsoever
  • Maximum of 500 unique comments per Link
  • Optimized for the best SEO and ranking results for your Niche

NO bots or any kind of automation is used for posting - everything is done completely manually

On a desktop: Copy your link in the browser.

On a Phone: Go to your post, click share or 3 dots . . . and copy link

Videos/Posts/Pictures against the TOS (terms of service) of the respective Social Media Platform (like hate/fraud/fake news) cannot be promoted.

 ***Make sure to provide a valid link for your post before completing order.

 *** Make sure you are using the correct Facebook Post link. We create your campaign with the post link submitted. Once the campaign is created it cannot be cancelled.

*** If you provide your profile link for a post promotion, we will use your last uploaded post to promote.