Social Media Agency: The Benefits of Promoting Your Social Media Videos & Posts

On social media, video gets more views than any other form of content. It’s also the most shared type of content on social media. That makes it the perfect thing to promote on social media — and a great candidate for your next promotion campaign! But how do you turn your video into an effective marketing tool? Hire a social media agency to help you promote your videos and posts!

Our marketing agency history

When we first started our marketing agency, it was just a small two-person operation with one goal: to help local businesses attract more clients through social media and online advertising. Our founders, spent years working in website development and online marketing and saw first-hand how difficult it can be for small businesses to get noticed. The idea was simple: provide affordable services that allow anyone—regardless of experience or budget—to succeed on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... Today, we’re still following that philosophy; because at 24HourViews Marketing Agency we’re not in business just to make money—we’re in business to help others reach their goals and grow their business.

Benefits of hiring a social media agency

One of those benefits is access to a much wider pool of expertise. A top-notch social media agency knows how to make your posts work harder, whether you’re trying to grow your audience or increase engagement and sharing. If you run a business that depends on social media presence, hiring a marketing agency may be a smart choice. They can create custom campaigns designed to effectively promote your business—and develop plans specifically for social media promotion. They know how to attract new followers and convert them into clients. In short, they can help bring more visibility to your brand while also strengthening it over time through strategic collaborations with other key players in your industry.

Online video marketing strategy

A strong social media video marketing strategy is based on more than just posting videos. You have to have a complete understanding of what you’re posting, where it will be posted, who will see it and how you’ll measure success. There are many tactics you can use to promote your videos, and we’ve outlined some important ones here for your consideration. To get started, develop a social media video marketing strategy that answers these questions: 1) What kind of content are you going to produce? 2) Who is your target audience? 3) Where will you share that content? 4) How will you measure results? 5) How often do you want to post (and why)? 6) How long should each video be?

Your target audience is online

Every day, billions of people spend countless hours online. And guess what? Most of them are watching videos and browsing social media sites! If you want to promote your business and reach new customers, you need to get your videos seen by millions on YouTube, attract likes on Facebook and post share-worthy photos on Instagram.

Why you need an expert on your side

There are a lot of ways to promote your social media videos and posts online, but most people don’t have enough time or knowledge to do it themselves effectively. If you want your content to get seen, having a marketing agency that specializes in social media promotion can help get your posts and videos discovered on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Get the most out of your videos

When it comes to promoting your videos, there are two main routes you can take. If you want to hire a marketing agency, consider getting their help with social media promotion. Social media is one of the best ways to get your name out there, but if you’re not careful about how you use it, all those likes could become more work than they’re worth. For example, users who watch your video may be inclined to like or share it if they think there’s something in it for them.

How to use online videos in your marketing strategy

Video is one of our favorite ways to get something important or funny across. In fact, if you want your business message to really sink in with people, it helps to show them how it works instead of just telling them how it works. That’s why we love online videos and what they can do for your marketing strategy. Here are some reasons to start using videos right away and how you can make videos work for you as a part of your social media promotion strategy