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Want to get found organically in search results and increase the ranking of your videos and posts?

The answer is to give authority to your videos and posts by having other sites link to your content.

How? Building a valuable SEO Backlinks!

We know how to build high quality backlinks that can help improving your contents ranking with safe and efficient Off Page link building techniques.

What Will You Get

  • Contextual SEO Backlinks: We'll create Contextual Backlinks on blogs with some related content about your niche
  • Mixed and Natural Way: Mostly dofollow, but with some nofollow included
  • Efficient Strategy: As you know, not all links are the same, we have a unique, safe and efficient SEO Backlinks
  • Safe Anchor Text: In addition to your target keywords/Tags, we'll use diversified anchor text as URL and Generics Keywords
  • High Quality Backlinks: The posts will be placed on blogs with High Ahrefs Metrics DR or UR 49~20, or High Moz Metrics DA or PA 49~20

What We'll Need

  • Only 1 URL per Order
  • Short Description About Your Video or Post
  • 4 Keywords as Anchor Text About Your Video or Post

Indexing: 7~30 Days After Delivery


If you want to increase the number of views that your videos & posts get, you need to start thinking about backlinking to your content. Backlinking has the potential to drastically increase the amount of views your posts will get, which will, in turn, lead to an increased amount of subscribers and an increase in ad revenue that you can generate from these viewers. These tips will help you get started with backlinking and even allow you to take it further than what most people would do in order to earn as much money as possible from their social channels.


First and foremost, what is backlinking? As one might suspect, backlinks are links that point back to your website. Typically, these links come from other websites (in which case they’re called inbound links), but they can also be placed on any website or social media platform. In terms of SEO, each link that points to your site is considered an authority signal—the more you have pointing at you, and especially from reputable sources, the better it looks for search engines.